Monday, 15 September 2014

New to Blogging!


The team at CommsProvider have decided to join the Blogasphere! Our blog will cover everything from New and Old Products and Services, office shenanigans and basically all things Comms!    

Day 1: It's Monday the 15th of September and it's a busy day in the office as usual with the support girls working hard to give excellent customer service as always, Lorenzo and Emry are carrying out a stock take and we are awaiting on the return of the majority of the tech team who have been in London installing a brand new telephone system for one of our largest customers!

We were shocked to learn that Phones4U have gone into administration today due to EE and Vodafone deciding not to work with them any longer. Although we are not affected by this, we are sorry to hear that the 6000 employees are at risk of losing there jobs! On the other hand CommsProvider are always recruiting...

7JY our senior technician also unveiled a stunning picture of him back in 1984 with his Old VW and guess what... he had hair! 

The iPhone 6, 6Plus and Apple watch has been a hot topic of conversation in the office this past week with the never ending dispute between 'Which is the better mobile, Apple or Samsung?'.
Of Course, Samsung wins hands down for Telephone Systems with there amazing, never ending communication solutions! 

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See you soon!